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  • Masterclass Basic Training. Stationary Online Trainings for: people with no experience / linergists / advanced people.
About me

My name is Ariana Pavlenko. Tattoos for me - it's a way to express yourself, so I help my clients to emphasize their uniqueness. I create delicate women's tattoos in FineLine style.
I am sure that a woman's tattoo must be stylish, elegant, sensual, sexy and unique - because it is an aesthetic decoration of the body for life.
I try to treat clients as I would like to be treated myself.

Now I try to pass on all the skills I have learned in my courses.

Here are some facts about my job:

  • Tattoo artist from 2017
  • Author of the "PERFECT BASE" ONLINE basic tattoo course.
  • Author of "FineLine ONLINE" training for linergists and tattoo artists
  • Creator of "PRO Insta Academy" (marketing, tattoo and beauty industry social media training)

Advantages of FineLine Tattoos

Why is FineLine style the best option for a woman's tattoo?
Tattoos Always stunning and eye-catching
The best way to enhance the beauty of the body, femininity and sexiness
It does not look like something foreign on the body, on the contrary, it complements the uniqueness without distracting from the main one
Nawet po latach pozostaje wyrafinowany i elegancki
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How to prepare for tattooing

1. Avoid tanning your skin. The lighter the skin, the better the tattoo effect. Remember that a fresh tan is a contraindication to tattooing!
2. At least a week before your scheduled session, start intensely moisturizing and hydrating your skin. Ideally, rub a moisturizing lotion into it 2-3 times a day and increase the amount of water you drink.
3. You can start zinc supplementation, which not only strengthens the skin, but also speeds up the healing process. Zinc also helps fight inflammation.
4. 2 days before tattooing, try to give up or limit stimulants as much as possible, such as alcohol, energy drinks and coffee. Don't take painkillers either. They cause blood thinning, thus hindering wound healing. Check whether the medications you are taking show similar effects, and if so, advise your doctor whether you can temporarily discontinue them.
5. On the day of the tattoo, you should be as rested and relaxed as possible. A long sleep regenerates the body and makes it better able to cope with pain. Don't plan a lot of activities after getting a tattoo. First of all, it's an art job that can take a long time. Besides, tattooing provides enough adrenaline and everyone endures it differently. Sometimes it is necessary to take breaks. Also, remember to eat a decent meal to give you strength. Under no circumstances drink alcohol or take stimulants, because then you will not get a tattoo.
6. Take with you to the studio items that will allow you to relax as much as possible and improve your mood. This could be your favorite book, music or chocolate. Also, take comfortable, casual, working clothes that will allow the tattooist easy access to the tattoo area. If the session is long, take a break for a meal.

How to book a tattoo session with me?

Decide what kind of tattoo you want
Look online for inspiration that best describes the idea of a tattoo.
Consultation and pricing
Contact me via Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook. For the quote I need an idea for the tattoo, the approximate size in cm, and the place where it should be located. It is best to take a photo of the body part of your choice, and mark the area on which you plan to make it.
Receive feedback
After agreeing on the details - I price the tattoo and we choose a convenient date.
To confirm the date I charge a deposit (which will be deducted from the total amount).


Adres studio: Żeromskiego 28 "Da Vinci's Fox Studio", Wrocław

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