Ariana Pavlenko

Tattoo artist & Instructor

based in wroclaw (poland)

guest artist in germany

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About me

For me, tattoos are a way to express yourself, so I help my clients emphasize their uniqueness. I create delicate women's tattoos in the FineLine style.

I am sure that a woman's tattoo must be stylish, elegant, sensual, sexy and unique - because it is an aesthetic body decoration for life.

I try to treat clients the way I would like to be treated.

style in which i work

You can find my portfolio in my social media

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Fine Line tattoo

concept tattoo

One line tattoo

ornamental tattoo


please contact with me via e-mail

or my social media

For booking just text me. Choose a supposedly place where you would like to get tattoo. Send me a picture of the place and circle it so that I understand the scale of the work. And send me a photo of an exemple of your desired tattoo, but I only do individual work and you will be one owner of this tattoo.

After you contact with me and we come to general agreement, you choose a date for yourself from the dates I propose.

I think this is all you need to know before signing up for a session with me.

I will wait for you a lot let’s make your cool tattoo.